Colorado's Favorite Pho
Colorado's Favorite Pho

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Owner and Chef at Pho 888 Linh Danh, right, stands with some of his staff for a portrait during business hours on Friday, Feb. 15 2013. (Brandon Iwamoto/The Aurora Sentinel)

Pho 888 is a family owned and operated restaurant in Aurora, Colorado. Pho 888 opened its doors in 2010 under Pho Master, Linh Dinh. Linh was offered an opportunity to cater his delicious recipes for weddings and other special occasions out of the kitchen at Pho 888, and eventually to acquire ownership of the restaurant. He gladly accepted – motivated by happy and satisfied customers who came in and out of the restaurant each day.Having spent many years in the food industry selling meat and then as a waiter for a local restaurant in Denver, Linh learned secrets of other chefs and perfected his own pho recipe using his own creativity and techniques. Other Pho Masters regard their recipes, tips, and tricks as sacred, never to be shared. However, when asked about his secret, Linh says, “The most important ingredient?…  Love… If you don’t care how it tastes, it will show.”

lotussalad_thumbPutting his whole heart into every dish he makes has made Pho 888 one of the most popular pho houses in Colorado. As one of the highest-rated pho restaurants in the Denver Metro area on Yelp, visitors come from all over the state as well as out-of-town visitors who have read the glowing Yelp reviews. Boasting an excellent and attentive staff adds to the cozy, welcoming feel of the restaurant and makes customers feel like family.

Working 16 hours a day and 7 days a week could test any person’s resolve, but Linh has his own in-house therapy. “What keeps me going is seeing my customers happy. Having my customers come in and tell me, ‘This is the best pho I have ever had.”

Linh Dinh
Pho Master and Owner
Dat Lam